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The 4 most important rules for combining wall, ceiling and floor colors that you can't do without!


Building a comfortable and harmonious space in the house is based not only on the correct selection of interior elements, but also on color solutions. There are several chromatic techniques that will add air and light to a small room and warmth and coziness to a too large one.

Let the contrasts flow!

Color combinations in contrast – it is always a winning move. If you combine light and saturated dark shades, repair of apartments in Odessa and Kiev can be made with minimal costs, neatly emphasizing the advantages and hiding small flaws.

repair of apartments in Odessa and Kiev.

Low Ceiling Rooms

Apply dark colors for the walls – wallpaper with a pattern arranged vertically is perfect. If there is a desire to mount a cornice, take with a width of no more than 5 cm, and it is better to do without it at all. The ceiling should remain light, but the floor, on the contrary, should be dark.

The advantages of this combination are obvious: a plain wall tone with a vertical pattern visually pulls out the walls, while a light-colored ceiling seems to float above the room due to the contrast, creating a sense of lightness. A dark floor will add the necessary saturation and depth so that the interior does not become impersonal and opaque.

Slim rooms

To solve the problem of low ceiling in the room, you need to use similar techniques, but paint one wall in a contrasting light color – this will visually shorten the excessively long room. If there is a window on the far wall, you can decorate it in a light tone, adding curtains in the floor and a beautiful ceiling cornice. This approach can solve two problems at once: make the ceiling higher and shorten a room that is too narrow and long.

Recommendation: To balance dark walls and floor, install light-colored furniture. If there is not enough brightness, accessories – pillows, paintings, figurines, etc. will become accents. A sofa, bed or carpet installed diagonally or across the width of the room will visually extend the walls.

Gradient color harmony

Any room in which a soft transition from dark to light of the same color is observed, looks classic and harmonious. If you do not want to make experiments, preferring eternal classics, put on the floor parquet, laminate or other covering of dark chocolate color, let the walls acquire a noble milk and coffee shade, and the ceiling – delicate cream.

Applying a gradient – from dark to light from bottom to top – creates a harmonious space that carries peace. It is noteworthy that such a simple solution helps to competently distribute the color load on vertical and horizontal planes. If you want to make repair of the apartment in Odessa inexpensive, giving the room pleasant to the eye color spectrum and creating a cozy, gradient technique of design will help you.

Repair of the apartment in Odessa.

This technique is great for any room, regardless of its purpose, size and lighting. In the latter case, just use a lighter initial tone to avoid overpowering the space with a darker shade.

The gradient technique is great for any room, regardless of its purpose, size or lighting.

Recommendation: complement the interior with white or black strokes (accessories, curtains, carpets) depending on the task at hand – to darken or brighten the room.


Just add light and air!

A room has a fixed volume, but it can be visually enlarged by adding more light. Even if a small room has dark laminate or parquet on the floor, don't be afraid that the dark stain of the floor will steal precious centimeters of height. The solution to this problem is very simple – the ceiling and walls should be painted in light, translucent shades. Complement them with similar accessories, platbands, cornices and skirting boards in the tone of the main scheme.

Recommendation: the floor is quite a dark spot in the interior, so do not overload it with an abundance of furniture with bright and saturated texture upholstery. Furniture in the style of minimalism – laconic, with graceful lines, standing on a light light carpet will look natural and harmonious.

Recommendation: the floor is a rather dark spot in the interior.

The secret of harmony – in opposites


There are two color combinations you can choose from:

  • dark floor and ceiling + light walls,
  • light ceiling and floor + dark walls
  • .

The two variants are suitable for rooms with high and low ceilings, as long as the unity of the ceiling and floor shade is maintained by choosing the opposite tone of the walls.

The two variants are suitable for rooms with high and low ceilings, as long as the unity of the ceiling and floor shade is maintained by choosing the opposite tone of the walls.

If the ceiling is too high, paint the ceiling and floor a darker shade. And remember: cool colors can visually recede the surface, while warm colors can bring it closer.

In rooms with low walls, you'll have to make a two-level ceiling – the main (base) ceiling should be painted in a cool shade, and the second – suspended – in a light one. Due to this approach you will visually lift and deepen the feeling of space, light-colored walls will strengthen the feeling, and a dark floor will balance the chromatic balance of the room.

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