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Today, let's talk about a number of issues that you should think about before contacting an interior designer. Yes, a designer will help you design your space rationally and intelligently. Yes, a designer will advise you on what is right and logical. And, naturally, more beautiful. But, to live in your house or apartment is not a designer, but you. In order to interior, first of all, was convenient for you, try to answer yourself to the questions that will further help to establish faster communication and teamwork with the designer. So:
1) Questions about the bathroom: What do I want: a bathtub or a shower corner? (if I don't know, let designer tell me the pros and cons of the two options). Appliances: How many large appliances (washers or dryers, boiler) and small appliances (towel warmers, etc.) do I need in the bathroom, or do I want to move it all to other rooms? 2) Kitchen: the most important thing for the designer is to understand what appliances will be in the kitchen (cooktop, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc., in order to properly arrange the electrical, water and sewer connections). Talk to the designer a sensitive question: "how much" you are ready to allocate for kitchen furniture (so that the designer did not offer you too big, or too small kitchen).
3)Rooms: buying an apartment, building a house, you plan the functional purpose of the rooms. So it will be right to voice your preferences to the designer (I want a bedroom, a nursery, a living room, a closet), and the designer will advise you where and how it is more logical to organize it. Plus, if you already have ready-made furniture or furniture that you plan to buy and know exactly the dimensions - voice them to the designer. As well as the dimensions of the equipment, if they are known. 
4)Floors and ceilings - tell your preferences, show pictures. Do not invent the ceiling for the designer - tell how you like it. Floors - tell us what kind of flooring you prefer. The designer will work out your ideas. 
If you don't understand what you want, it's okay. The designer will help you. But if you have your own vision, concept - it's even better. This will help the designer to determine and offer exactly "Your" option. The most important thing is interaction. Your RSU

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