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What shouldn't be in the kitchen?

 Today we will talk about stylish and concise kitchen design. And more specifically about what should not be in the kitchen of a modern hostess.
First of all, it's things "that it's a pity to throw out" - mountains of plastic bottles, bags with bags, unused disposable sets of dishes from fast food, magnets, stickers, calendars with promotional products (bought at a campaign together with yogurt, cereal, etc.).
These are all unnecessary, superfluous items in your kitchen. Get rid of the habit of collecting junk. We do not live in a period of scarcity and the moment "and suddenly need" usually never comes. Household appliances that you do not find a use for.
First, carefully consider the need for a particular household appliance before buying it. Secondly  there are multifunctional appliances that combine several options at once and replace two, three, four separate appliances.
That allows you to save kitchen space and not to clutter it. The same rule applies to kitchen utensils and dishes. What you don't need, you don't want. Funny cups with inscriptions, statuettes and scented candles (if they are not  "very dear to your heart little things") - also have no place in your modern kitchen. Your home is not a warehouse, and you are not a hoarder. The kitchen should be functional and convenient, and all the contents of the kitchen should correspond to this.
A few other little things to pay attention to. It is better to replace textile towels with disposable paper towels. It is less economical, but it is much more hygienic. Sponges for dishes should be changed as often as possible, to avoid unpleasant odors and locations of bacterial growth.  Of course, everyone perceives coziness differently,   if some of us are comfortable in minimalism, on the other it presses and does not give a sense of "home". There are no strict rules in interior design, even rationality is not an argument. But there are tips that are always more useful to read and think about.
The article above is a good example of that.


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