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Decorative lighting in the interior

 Let's talk about coziness today. Namely about decorative lighting.
To begin with, let's define for ourselves what kind of lighting is decorative. There are two main types of lighting, natural (sunlight) and artificial (lighting fixtures). But artificial lighting can be both functional  (chandeliers, sconces, ceiling lamps, etc.), and just "for beauty" (illumination of a shelf, illumination of a cabinet, illumination of a niche, etc.).
. And if the need for functional artificial lighting is obvious, then decorative - it is already a matter of taste and preferences. Many questions arise: "Is it worth spending piastres on it? ", "Is it fashionable, or is it a past century? "Will I use it? "Will I use it? " etc. 
 It is worth remembering that such lighting is not used as an additional source of light. They emphasize and transform the interior. Emphasize attention to details. Decorative lighting sets the atmosphere. Decorative light does not improve visibility, but with light transitions and the degree of illumination transforms the space. Do not overdo it with decorative light, if the interior is already overloaded with details. But to complement the interior in the style of minimalism  designer decorative light source - will be very helpful.
In addition to all kinds of illumination, decorative lighting also includes candles. And you can customize the interior not only with light, but also with accessories (beautiful and unusual candlesticks). 
 Decorative lighting - it is relevant, beautiful and fashionable. The main thing is to intelligently think over its use, do not forget about safety and trust your own taste, first of all.


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