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Design and arrangement of children's room: key rules

A beautiful and bright children's room is the dream of every child in the world, and it's no wonder, because it's the children's room that plays a huge role in every child's life. It's a private place to play, learn and relax. A place where you can be alone and indulge in the sweetest and most magical dreams.

If you decide to make your child's fantasies come true and give them the room of their dreams – don't forget about the main rules in decorating a child's room.

Before you start designing a nursery, you need to choose the right room, taking into account the following parameters:

  1. lighting of the room;
  2. distance from the kitchen area;
  3. the size of the room.

For the child's room to be better lit – it is worth choosing the west or south side. And the remoteness of the nursery from the kitchen, will avoid unnecessary noise and will not bother the child's sleep. Even if this room will not be large, it is not terrible, the main thing – that it was separate.

When creating a design project, take into account the fact that the children's room is usually divided into several zones, in particular, it is allocated:


- a dressing room;

- play area;

- activity area;

-shelves and racks for storing books and textbooks.

-play area;

With the room itself for the nursery, we have sorted out, now we want to dwell on the interior. By talking to designers, getting to know your child's preferences, and fantasizing a little, you can turn your nursery into a real gym, a desert island, or a magical castle for a little princess. The main thing to remember is that the room should not only be beautiful, but also as comfortable as possible.

A very important element of this process is the furniture. It is better to use simple and natural materials for the job. The furniture should be made of «good» wood, and the paint – water-based. MDF is considered a toxic material, its base consists of resins, and they can harm the baby. It is important to consider the age of your child, do not forget about the rounded corners of the furniture to avoid child traumatism. Take into account the fact that some elements of the interior should be age appropriate, so that it did not turn out that the furniture became «small». Modern designs allow you to build up the necessary interior elements as your child grows.

Modern designs allow you to build up the necessary elements as your child grows.

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