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A walk-in closet instead of "thousands" of extra cabinets, racks and shelves

A walk-in closet – one of the best ways to save space. A walk-in closet – is not only a closet and shoe  closet, but also a pantry at the same time. Nothing superfluous, no sideboards with crystal and chests with dresses. Maximum free space and no clutter – this is what modern interior design trends dictate.  Bedding, Christmas toys, vacuum cleaner, ironing board, dryer, every household trifle can be easily hidden and stored in this convenient and functional «Narnia».

 Today developers often take into account in the layout of apartments a place for a dressing room. This is not the case with the old stock. And if you are planning a renovation, no matter if it is a new building or a house with history – provide, talk to the designer and be sure to allocate space in your apartment for such an indispensable «room». It is better to lose a few squares of living room than to leave boxes, boxes and other «much-needed junk» in the open space.

 Besides, good furniture is expensive - everyone knows that. Wardrobe, in addition to its practicality and versatility will save your budget. Ordinary or sliding doors – instead of expensive furniture fronts, and inside – «stuffing» as you wish. 


 If the square footage allows, if the budget allows – never deny yourself a walk-in closet. It is really very and very convenient. And competently and rationally to plan it, to find for it the most successful place in your apartment will always help interior designer. And, we remind and emphasize,  in all packages Remontomania we give a design project as a gift.