Repair of apartments and houses

Turnkey renovation. Benefits and advantages.

Every person, sooner or later, faces the need to carry out repair work in their home. There can be many reasons for this: someone needs to refresh the external condition of the apartment, someone wants to radically change the design of their home, and there are those who buy an apartment are not satisfied with its layout and want to make a complete redevelopment of housing.

Every day, the service of repair «key» becomes more and more popular, but few people know how this repair differs from the usual, as well as what benefits and advantages await the customer.

By offering its customers «key», RSU tries to remove as much as possible from the customer most of the worries of organizing and carrying out the repair work. Simply put, the main task of turnkey repair «turnkey» is to perform a set of works, upon completion of which, the customer takes into operation a ready-to-use object made according to an individual project (go in – and live).


So, what is turnkey repair «turnkey» and what it includes:

- development of a free design project, which is carried out on the basis of an interview with the customer and includes all his requirements and wishes;

- development of a free design project, which is carried out on the results of an interview with the customer and includes all his requirements and wishes

- creating an estimate of the work and determining the time required for their implementation (and the price specified for your repair will be unchanged).


In addition, RSU1 offers the customer several packages to choose from: «minimal», «optimal» and «maximum» as well as staged payment for the repair (4 stages). Also, the company RSU has developed a package «people», in which the customer himself buys and brings to the site of building materials, and specialists from different areas of construction perform all installation work.

In addition, the company RSU was invented and implemented online «personal cabinet» for the customer, thanks to which the entire repair process will be 100% transparent. In «personal cabinet» online approval of documents takes place (the customer does not need to go to the office to sign the documents), here come photo and video reports, which allows you to see the process of repair in real time, as well as developed drawings and visualization of the future interior.

All the documents are approved online.

Many people may think that the service of repair «turnkey» is much more expensive than the usual repair. But this is far from true. Just imagine how much time and effort you will spend if you look for different professionals to do the work? Hire companies to remove construction waste, to bring the finishing materials and fittings yourself?

Some people have been trying to start renovating their apartment for years, but the fear of difficulties – stops them. With a turnkey renovation from RSU, you can save time, effort, and energy while you oversee the renovation from your office.

Remember that the company RSU1 always goes towards its customers, offering the most favorable terms of cooperation. You can see for yourself by ordering turnkey repair «turnkey» from us!