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How to choose a skirting board

 Skirting board, skirting board, skirting board.
 Today, dear friends, we will talk about how to properly select such an important element of decor, such as a floor skirting board. What is the most competent to combine the skirting board, what material to choose a skirting board and, most importantly, all the advantages of this element of decor.
So. Why the floor skirting board in the household thing indispensable? Because it is not only beautiful, but also practical. Floor plinth masks the gaps in the adjoining floor coverings, and this, in turn, allows without damage to the walls to wash the floor
Color solutions for your skirting board. Of course, today there are no strict limits and restrictions in interior design, "I am an artist, I see it this way" increasingly gaining momentum not only in painting. You can combine the skirting board with any detail or contrastingly not combine with anything. But, it is more laconic and pleasant to look at such combinations:
1) Baseboard matched to the color of the door - the most harmonious and airy combination 
2) Skirting board matched to the color of the floor covering
3) Baseboard, matching the color of the walls - it finally "dissolves" the boundaries of space
4) Skirting board matched to the color of window frames
 Regarding the material,  then, of course, choosing between plastic skirting boards and mdf (or even wood) - do not save money. In wet rooms and in the kitchen - the ideal solution to make skirting boards from the same tile that is laid on the floor (no problems with the choice of color and maximum practicality).
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