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Creative approach to decorating the dining area: 2017 trends

Designers RSU strongly recommend that you pay due attention to the dining room area, because this is where you eat every day – yourself or with your family. This room has a significant impact on your mood, so the style, color scheme and other nuances of the interior should be considered very carefully.

Dining table – the head of everything

No one will argue that the table occupies the most important place in the dining area. It can be massive or elegant, large or compact for 4 or less people. But most importantly – it should be the center of the composition, as chairs and other decorative items are built around it.

Designers advise to favor tables made of wood solids, with a frame of metal and a wooden table top. Alternatively, you can choose a table made of stone and metal. There are some very interesting pieces of modern art on sale, so you won't have any problems choosing.

Center lighting

This year's fashion trends – central lighting. If last year the use of many spotlights throughout the room (floor, table, wall) prevailed, this year you should prefer special lighting located in the center or around the perimeter of the dining table.


This not only provides a comfortable dining experience, but also perfectly zoned the room, accentuating the dining area.

Smart zoning


If you want to continue the theme of zoning, you should mention such a technique as emphasizing the dining area with the help of, for example, flooring. By using ceramic tiles of a contrasting color in the dining area, you will not only achieve a beautiful aesthetic effect, but also increase practicality, because the tiles are very easy to clean.

If the tile decoration makes the dining area feel too cold and uncomfortable, remedy the situation with the most basic blended-fiber rug – it's easy to clean and wash.

Focus on the chairs


The dining table can be made of neutral, naturally colored materials. To make the dining area more colorful, you can accentuate the chairs. For example, they can have irregular shapes, stand out with bright velvet upholstery or be Viennese chairs in a rich shade.

Electicism in action


Why stop at one style, if there is eclecticism – a combination of several trends, united by a harmonious and balanced design? For example, you can take a classic lamp or pendant, put hi-tech transparent chairs – and get an unimaginable combination of coziness and modernity. Or you can go even further – chairs with a wooden frame, decorated with ornaments both on the base and on the upholstery, supplemented with round dark dome-shaped lamps around the perimeter or only in the center of the table composition.

Greening the dining room

Have you ever walked the streets of Paris, Lisbon or Naples? These cities are famous for their cozy cafes hiding behind pretty bushes, flowerpots and other decorative natural elements.

And if this kind of approach is beautiful in a café, what's worth doing similar in your dining room? Put up ornamental plants with large leaves, put curly roses on the wall, which will carry a delicate fragrance through a window open in summer. Citrus and coffee trees in tubs are also appropriate.

It's handy if the dining area has niches and shelves – they're a great place to put pots with all sorts of plants.

Art objects: decorations with a theme

For some reason the most art objects can be found in the living room – the dining area is undeservedly neglected. But brightly colored posters, lettering, unusual art objects and many other things that dilute the austerity of the dining area will look appropriate here.

Don't be afraid to experiment and try, and RSU will help you realize your dreams in the most professional way possible!