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Kitchen appliances. Useful tips

Let's discuss a few of the most important kitchen organization issues today. Namely, kitchen appliances. 
So, without which appliances a kitchen is not a kitchen? The most important and necessary positions: refrigerator, cooktop and oven. Less important, but worth attention: hood, dishwasher, microwave. The choice of small appliances depends on the needs and preferences of the hostess (mixers, blenders, combines, coffee machines, etc.).
With a small square footage of the kitchen can be limited to the minimum most important set. And the interior designer will competently advise how to  fit the maximum of useful appliances in the minimum space.
When is it better to choose and buy appliances? To choose - the earlier - the better. Why? Interior designer, furniture designer is better to know the dimensions of appliances in advance (to correctly arrange the electrical leads, to guess the size of cabinets, etc.). You can buy immediately before the installation of kitchen furniture. 
Next question: What appliances to choose? Advantages and disadvantages of built-in appliances? The main advantages of built-in appliances: ergonomics and aesthetics. Built-in appliances will adjust to your individual kitchen. It is, first of all, practical and saves every centimeter of your kitchen.  But it is much more expensive than conventional solo appliances. If you decide to replace the built-in  appliances, and the kitchen was made under the previous one, you will have to try to pick up exactly the same dimensions. Moving to another apartment, built-in appliances you will most likely and logically leave to the new owners. 
The above questions are probably the most useful in the proper planning of your future kitchen. They directly relate to its functionality and practicality. The rest of the details of the kitchen - a matter of taste, preferences and fashion trends. Which is also important and also worth talking about. 

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