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Personal account from RSU

The best way to monitor progress you could think of

Remont apartments turnkey - ready-made repair – is a great way to save your time and nerves. Every customer wants to know the state of the repair process. But how can you do it without being there in person?

We present you a unique development from our team – Personal Office, where you can check all stages of work. By registering, you get a unique login and password to your personal account. In your virtual space you will always be able to find out information about the repair and the degree of readiness of the object. For navigation you can use both the quick access menu and the general list in the upper right corner of the screen.

The «Your properties» button will allow you to select the property whose report you are interested in. A pop-up box will inform you:


  • Address of the object, the number of photo reports and documents on it.
  • Contact details of the project manager,
  • Additional phone numbers, mail and other ways to contact project managers.

The main, intuitive to operate menu contains 4 main sections:

Photo progress reports

From the very first day we work on a project, we take photos of every stage of construction or renovation. New photos are uploaded 1-2 times a week. Under each new group of photos are the dates of the shoot, as well as the number of images uploaded. Plus, you'll always know what materials have been purchased at each stage of the work.

We'll also keep you up to date on what materials have been purchased at each stage of the project.

Online Video Surveillance

This item allows you to access your facility in real time if you have the internet. We install widescreen video cameras with good image quality, so you see a clear and crisp picture of what is happening in your apartment or house.

Online Video Surveillance

With this option you can access your property in real time if you have internet access.

Budget and Documents

Every project requires a lot of documentation that needs to be coordinated and signed. To reduce your costs and save time, we have made the signing process virtual, but no less efficient – all documents are authentic and legally binding. In this section you can see:

  • documents pending approval (works, purchase of materials),
  • documents you have approved, with the date of approval,
  • other documents that can be downloaded directly from the site.

As soon as you approve a document, the manager receives a notification by email.

Visualization and drawings

In this section, we have made three sub-items to make it easy to find the information you need:

  • drawings awaiting approval,
  • drawings undergoing approval,
  • visualization.

As soon as a new photo, document or existing files are updated in this section, you will automatically receive a notification to your email and phone via text message from RSU,  so you won't miss a single bit of information.

We have made your personal account not just your virtual platform, but a space where you can follow all stages of work, their implementation and make changes to the proposed project documentation at any time.