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Minimalism in the interior

Interior of the house can say a lot about the character of its owner. Colors, textures, and shapes — all of this is an expression of a person's individuality. One of the styles that calm and ambitious people are likely to choose is minimalism.

Minimalism in interior design is a style characterized by strictness and restraint in decoration. Often, for its creation, furniture of black, gray, or white color is used. What are its features?

1. There should be as much space as possible in the rooms. Forget about partitions.

2. Large windows, thanks to which the room is filled with sunlight. As for the lamps — there should be a minimal number of them.

3. For the floor, use a monochrome laminate, parquet, or tiles. Forget about patterns and bright colors. In the bedroom, it is recommended to put a carpet with long pile.

4. There should not be too much furniture. Cabinets should preferably be built into the wall. Avoid unnecessary and redundant details. Every item in the room should be functional.

5. Choose white, beige, and black colors for the walls. In the bedroom, lilac and gray wallpapers will be an excellent option.

6. Large vases will be appropriate. They will make the room more lively.

7. In a bathroom designed in a minimalist style, there should not be a large amount of cosmetics and bath accessories on the shelves. It is recommended to hide them in pull-out drawers.


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