Expert advice

Useful tips when decorating a nursery

 Let's design your child's nursery together today (even if his or her gender is still a mystery).
Let's start with what the nursery should not have: 
1) Bright, flashy colors of finishing materials and furniture (they quickly get bored, disperse attention and concentration). Let the textiles and small details be bright. And in general the room will be of pastel, calm colors, with insignificant accents (regardless of the sex of the child).
2) Clutter the space with unnecessary furniture. Children's room is first of all a play area, the child should have more personal space than a closet, bed or table. Play space is much more useful for the general development of the child than another pair of shorts or a dress.
3) Using carpeting as flooring. This is: a)impractical b)collects dust. A small rug in the play area that is easy to clean, replace - yes. But not the whole "room-carpet".
4)The use of shaped ceilings with bright lighting. Yes, of course the children's room should be bright. Special attention should be paid to the working area (reading area, homework, etc.). Do not use heavy drapery curtains in the nursery. A bright room - does not mean "expensive-bagato". Bright - it means to be convenient  and comfortable. 
Now let's talk about what is necessary for the nursery.
1)As mentioned above, space. Space for playing. The child spends most of the time in his "castle". And the castle should be fun to play in.
2)Comfortable, quality sleeping space. Don't skimp on the child's sleeping place. He is growing. His skeleton is formed and not only his sound sleep, but also his health depends on the quality of the sleeping place. 
3)Comfortable working area. The workplace should contribute to the child's craving for knowledge and creative development, and not vice versa.

A comfortable workplace is a good place to work.

 When decorating your child's room, forget about being an adult. Think back to what you wanted and liked as a child. Look at your house or apartment from the child's point of view, invest maximum love and care and you will definitely get a wonderful result. And we'll be happy to help you!