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Rules for creating coziness in the living room: tips from experts

Living room – this is the place where coziness and comfort are in the first place, because here for rest gathers both family and guests. Professionals RSU  will tell you how to make interior design in Odessa so that the living room always reigns atmosphere of soulfulness and warmth.

What creates coziness: the main signs

Creating a comfortable environment – it is a complex process. You can not say that only furniture or only a beautiful wall color form coziness. Every stage and element of the room is important, so we'll look at all aspects – from flooring to the best interior colors to create the right mood.

What makes a room comfortable

What makes a room comfortable

Use natural materials

If creating a living room is starting from scratch, build into the budget the cost of natural flooring materials – parquet, cork or boardwalk look very beautiful and cozy. These materials are pleasant to the touch, well accumulate heat and give it away. In addition, they are all environmentally friendly.

Also in the cost of repair of apartments in Odessa should include the cost of decorating the walls and ceiling: for them you should buy decorative bricks, make a non-standard coloring, install wooden panels, beams and any other elements that look harmoniously with the natural floor and emphasize its elegance.

Cost of repair of apartments in Odessa.

The main principle of building an interior – natural materials and unobtrusive decor. Overloading will create a depressing impression, completely extinguishing the atmosphere of coziness.

The main principle of interior design – natural materials and unobtrusive decor.

Select only comfortable furniture


In the living room, sofa, armchairs, couch and ottoman are mandatory attributes of comfort. It is recommended to use a massive sofa, you can use an angular one; the height of the backrest is medium. If the room is small, you don't need armchairs – a sofa will be enough to accommodate guests.

If the room is medium or large, you can even put 2 sofas – opposite each other, complement them with a couple of deep soft armchairs. Sofa and armchair models with additional functions – sliding sections, reclining backrest are allowed.

Additional features are allowed.

Don't forget the mat


In summer it is not very necessary, but for winter, when the feeling of warmth is so necessary, you should think about a nice, soft and tufted rug. We recommend buying carpets made of blended materials:

  • acrylic and wool,
  • polyester and cotton,
  • bamboo silk and acrylic.

Artificial materials will simplify the cleaning process, and natural materials – will make the surface softer and more pleasant to the touch.

Artificial materials will simplify the cleaning process, and natural materials – will make the surface softer and more pleasant to the touch.

Diverse lighting

The living room needs different lighting, as guests gather here at different times of the day, and gatherings can go well past midnight. And it is not necessary to sit on the sofa – a carpet is sometimes even more comfortable for socializing. That's why at such times you need diffused light to create that special atmosphere of coziness and trust.

Table lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps placed around the perimeter of the room can set the right tone. They can be placed in a corner, on a nightstand or chest of drawers, or on small tables.

What should the shade palette be?

Those who believe that the use of warm colors is the only correct solution to create coziness, are wrong. If you follow this rule, the interior turns out to be too boring and monotonous. A good step – combine with neutral and cool colors.

The most comfortable to the eye application of colors – not bright, as if slightly burned shades. For example, if you like ultramarine, replace it with a subtle, slightly powdery blue-lilac. Red is a great substitute for brick, ochre or wine.

Pretty upholstery and textiles


Space harmony is impossible without pleasant tactile sensations, so pay attention to textiles:

  • decorate the sofa with a few cushions in linen, cotton, wool or even fur (depending on the season) covers
  • .
  • cover the sofa with a plaid tartan plaid blanket
  • .
  • transparent tulle replace with dense curtains with frequent gathering.

This move will balance the interior, making it calm and cozy.

The ideal interior style – eclectic

There is no single recommendation for choosing a style for the living room – there is a different type of comfort for each person. But for those who really want an extremely cozy interior, several trends should be rejected:


  • classic is too restrained and conservative,
  • loft – cold and industrial, it does not feel the warmth of the soul,
  • contemporarie – too bland and uninteresting
  • .

So it is better to choose something that is at the intersection of these styles – eclecticism. In it you can safely combine the warmth of the classics, the comfort of the West and the color of the East, diluting the monotony of bright colors.


RSU №1 accepts orders for construction and repair in Odessa for projects of any complexity. We will create for you the most cozy interior of the living room according to your wishes and fashionable trends of design.