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Rules and ideas for decorating a large kitchen-dining room

Every owner of a large kitchen and dining room will agree that it's a valuable resource that allows you to make almost any project a reality. In this case, you don't have to try to fit in a few meters of plumbing, furniture and a bunch of other things that no dining room or kitchen can do without.

Grotesque furniture and a large dining table

An impressively sized dining area allows you to use somewhat grotesque outlines of furniture – a large, beautiful table complement the custom chairs. If you find them too boring, go for squat armchairs with wide armrests; the upholstery can be anything you like.

Anything you like.

The presence of a large table solves the problem of receiving guests – in small apartments, you constantly have to use a transformer table, folding and unfolding it. The ambience makes all the difference, so even a meal will be more festive than a casual dining room meal.

Having a large table solves the problem of hosting guests – you're constantly having to use a transformer table in small apartments.

Professional format appliances

When we furnish a standard dining room or kitchen, we try to fit the maximum number of useful appliances on the available meters, taking into account their size. And there's no room for fantasy or auxiliary elements. Modern kitchen-dining room owners can afford to:

All of the following.

  • a large double-barrel refrigerator or side by side,
  • a separate freezer, which can be camouflaged under an ordinary cupboard or hidden under the countertop,
  • cooking center with several ovens,
  • grilling surface
  • separate or built-in steamer,
  • café-style coffee maker,
  • stylish and powerful hood
  • .

These appliances create a sense of luxury, richness and create a unique space to fulfill any culinary fantasy.

  • Café-style coffee maker,
  • style and powerful hood.

    Eating areas

    The first item we mentioned at the beginning of this article was a large dining table. If you want to order an apartment renovation in Odessa at RSU, pay attention to a very interesting design move from our masters – several zones for eating.

    Read more.

    A larger dining table is convenient for meals if you're used to having the whole family gather around it. But sometimes it makes sense to have a more compact place to eat, and owners of large kitchen-dining rooms may not have to choose between these two options, but rather combine them in one room – our company is ready to help in this difficult matter, creating a harmonious space.

    A large dining table is a very interesting design move from our craftsmen &ndash, creating a harmonious space.

    A great option can be a small table with a sofa or a bar – ideal for a quick snack or breakfast that is spent alone. To reduce serving time and cleanup time, it's best to place the table close to the work surface.

    A small table with a sofa or bar is a great option.

    Find every thing its place


    Remont turnkey from RSU provides the opportunity to make furniture to order, so that its size, appearance and other parameters meet the requirements of the owner. If properly planned, all items will always be at hand.

    We can help you organize your space:

    • placing everyday items,
    • select comfortable and stylish cabinets,
    • design the placement of all items for convenient use.

    Positioning each item according to the principles of comfortable use – the key to a harmonious space.

    Setting up each item according to the principles of comfortable use – the key to a harmonious space.

    Kitchen island: reduce the distance traveled

    In today's world, time – is something you can't get back for any money. Therefore, the cooking process should happen as quickly as possible – a kitchen island will reduce the movement in the kitchen through a convenient location. To the traditional «kitchen triangle» – fridge-washer-stove – you should add a small «island» with a worktop.

    According to research, an island can reduce the distance needed to travel to «get-wash-cook» by up to 30%. This speeds up food preparation and makes it easier for the cook to get things done.

    Kitchen and dining room as a canvas for your imagination


    While a single space obliges you to use the same style and shape, the colors, materials, and overall mood can be translated into an interior as if you were working with two rooms:

    So you're working with two rooms.
    • the kitchen should remain more functional,
    • in the dining room you can be creative to the fullest.

    In the dining area pay attention to a variety of fabrics, upholstery, unusual colors of textiles, as well as non-standard solutions for the design of the working surface of the table, wall decor and even lighting. Don't be afraid to experiment and create even a diametrically opposed feeling in the same room – this is where such style liberties are allowed.

    Fashion trends: furniture at different levels

    When designing an interior, we think not only about aesthetic appeal, but also about fashion trends. This season, furniture arranged on different levels is in trend. You can safely put low cabinets and high shelves, attach cabinets and various cabinets with a ladder.

    This approach is interesting because it allows you to get away from the linear geometry of space and stereotypical furniture placement.

    Follow the barriers – tear down the living room wall


    It is possible to combine not only the kitchen with the dining room, but also harmoniously add a living room to it. It's a good move if you approach the organization of space correctly – it's not for nothing that these three rooms are often combined into one.

    In this case, you will have to try hard, because you will have to organize all sorts of niches and shelves not only for the needs of the kitchen, but also the living room. If you're having trouble, ask our qualified designers – at RSU, they know how to harmonize aesthetics and functionality.

    With a spacious room, you have a large canvas to fulfill your desires. But if you want the result to be professional, order our specialists Key Renovation in Odessa – we know how to realize your dreams at the highest level of excellence, taking full advantage of the large space.

    Andash; we know how to realize your dreams at the highest level of excellence, taking full advantage of the large space.


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