Repair of apartments and houses

Turnkey repair of apartments in Odessa. What do construction companies offer?

Everyone who is thinking about carrying out repairs in their apartment, feels some fear, remembering the well-known phrase that «repair can not be finished, it can only be suspended »   If you are engaged in repairing your apartment yourself – there is something true in this phrase, but if you entrust this difficult task to professionals – about the unfinished repair you can not worry.

What do construction companies in Odessa offer, how to choose the one to which you entrust the most expensive – repair in your home?

If you enter the phrase «turnkey apartment repair «turnkey» in Odessa» into the Google search engine, you will find a huge number of options (more than 180,000 results), ranging from small construction companies, large holdings and individuals offering repair services. The price for the service of apartment repair «turnkey» ranges from 2000 to 15000 UAH/m2. The cost of developing a design project is from 60 to 300 UAH/m2, some companies offer customers who ordered the repair, a 50% discount from the full cost of the project. As for the term of the completed work, no one says the exact date, motivated by the fact that «all depends on the selected package of repair and the complexity of the work».


What we offer:

Company RSU will make qualitatively and in the time agreed with the customer to repair the apartment of any complexity. You do not have to spend time buying building materials, order a car for their delivery, to come to the site in order to control the repair process. Our specialists will do everything for you.

Every client of our company we offer a service online personal cabinet, thanks to which the entire process of repair will be available to you in real time. Our photographers will provide you with daily reports on the work done, which will save you time and keep you up to date with everything that is going on. In addition, all reporting documents, receipts and estimates, will always be at your fingertips. You need to be near a computer or have a smartphone with internet access.

Our company has developed 4 price packages for your choice (ranging from 3333 to 12199 UAH/m2). Familiarize yourself with the types of work included in the cost of the package you can on our official website, or at any convenient time in our office.

Our company has developed 4 price packages for your choice (ranging from 3333 to 12199 UAH/m2).

We offer stage-by-stage (4 stages) payment for repair work, which gives each client the opportunity to properly distribute their finances.

We offer a phased (4 stages) payment for repair work, which allows each client to correctly distribute their finances.

A nice bonus for all our customers will be FREE design project, which our company gives to everyone who orders any of the packages repairmania. 

We offer a FREE design project.

When a repair is completed, we back up our quality with a 3-year warranty certificate from our company.

Trust your repair to the professionals, don't skimp on your apartment, because as Tony Wheeler said: «Never skimp on something you can't do it again.

Trust your repair to the professionals, don't skimp on your apartment.

If you still have doubts whether you should entrust your repairs to us – visit our website, look at photos of our completed work, read our customer reviews and call us. We can answer any questions you may have.

Any questions you may have.