Repair of apartments and houses

Remontomania is the modern format of "Ready-Made Remodels"


To save time, effort and money of our customers, we have developed three unique packages, three ready-made solutions for the repair of apartments and houses: "Minimum", "Optimal" and "Maximum". Each of them fully corresponds to our understanding of modern turnkey repair: we offer our clients apartments fully ready for occupancy. The cost of the package — is work and materials. The difference between the packages — not in the quality of materials, but in the number of additional items of work and equipment.

For example, "Minimum" package includes all painting work and materials, electrical work, plumbing, drywall work, wallpaper, laminate, bathroom fixtures, tiles, doors, transportation costs and cleaning. The "Optimal" package also contains already climate technology, air conditioners, kitchen, curtains, bath accessories. In the «Maximum» package almost everything is taken into account. Added bedroom set: bed, nightstands, closet or chest of drawers. And even household appliances! Moreover, well-known, proven brands: TVs and washing machines SAMSUNG, LG, refrigerators LIEBHERR. We can safely assert that to date in Odessa no one can offer something similar. Of course, for the same price.   

We invariably try to make the repair a minimally troublesome activity for the client. Thanks to the extensive use of modern information technology, the customer can select materials, manage and monitor the repair from anywhere.

How does it work?: 

Let's start with the fact that on the page of a particular renovation package, for example, you can choose tiles right away. The client directly on our website notes which tiles he wants (and we have about 500 variants of tiles from different manufacturers), and in which room he wants these tiles. He does the same with laminate flooring, doors, wallpaper, refrigerator..... When all the materials and equipment are selected, he sends us the entire selection as an automatically generated pdf file along with his contact details. Based on this selection, the designer creates a design project and visualization for FREE. And if he, as an experienced specialist, is confused by something in the selection of materials, he clarifies, coordinates, advises the client. This happens already in the office, at the stage of project presentation. Finally, many of our materials can now, as they call it, be touched. And in the near future, all the samples will be presented in our showroom.

Although our selection of building materials and equipment is quite wide, we are also open to some compromises on them. For example, if a client wants some special sanitary ware that is not in our range, we will install it, but the difference between what we have and what the client wants, he will have to pay extra. But this is rather an unusual case than a common practice, because we have materials and equipment for the house, in fact, for every taste.
Further, any client is assigned a personal project manager, who leads him, eliminating the need to communicate with foremen and workers. Plus a personal online account that allows you to track the entire renovation process remotely.

As a result, we get a uniquely convenient, completely understandable, transparent, and truly cost-effective turnkey renovation.

The most profitable repair offer. We reveal the secrets of pricing: 

       Since one of the priorities in the work of the company RSU is transparency, we are ready to reveal the secrets of our pricing. Our main earnings in complete renovation packages, we openly say it, are discounts on materials. We have direct agreements, signed memorandums with suppliers of goods that give us wholesale prices. If the client himself comes to a construction store, supermarket, it will cost him 35-50% more than if he orders a repair with the same materials from us. So we essentially act as dealers in wallpaper, laminate, tiles, sanitary ware and other materials.

    The situation is similar with construction work. Since our workers are loaded with constant work, they do not have to look for and wait for clients, they have a constant volume of work, the cost of their work comes out much lower, if they would work on private orders. As a result, we calculated that our repair for 222 u.u. will cost the client 264 u.u. per square meter. m., This is if you compare apples to apples.  If he will independently buy all the same materials and hire workers. But it's time, it's nerves. We, among other things, offer a contract, so we're responsible. And we have a 5-year warranty. Plus design project as a gift (its price in the market today is 14-20 c.u.). Plus, such convenience as personal office, constant remote control over the repair process thanks to photo-fixation and video surveillance via the Internet.

Personal office, constant remote control over the repair process thanks to photo-fixation and video surveillance via the Internet.

      Thus, cooperating with us, any client, regardless of what package of repair works he chose, gets the most favorable and unique offer in the market of construction works in Odessa and Kiev.