Repair of apartments and houses

RSU - consistency and rationality

 «And when will you start? Where will you start? When will you finish? What will I get in the end? «Customer questions almost always require specific answers and wording. And we are happy to answer them. The main principles and stages of work of the Repair and Construction Department in Odessa: 

1)       Getting to know the customer, wishes and preferences, suggestions and options.

2)        Travel to the site, measurements, conclusion of the contract with the customer.

3)        First package of drawings (installation/dismantling, furniture, electrics, plumbing, lighting groups, warm floors, flooring, ceilings) .

4)       Approval of the drawing package.

5)       Installation/Dismantling.

6)       Electrical wiring and connection of water, sewerage. 


7)        Draft finishing works, photo reports.

8)        Selection of finishing materials, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures

9)        The second set of drawings (sweeps for all rooms).

10)   Approval of drawings, specifications, delivery of decorative finishes.

11)   Floor installation, ceiling installation, wall finishing, installation of doors, lighting, plumbing, photo reports.

12)  Furnishing (depending on the selected package of services).

13)  Major cleaning of the premises

14)  Delivery of the finished object to the customer

Remodeling with us – it is pleasant, profitable, convenient and very tasty!