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Shabby in the nursery or the bedroom of a little princess

 Today we will talk about decorating a children's room for a little princess in the Shabby Chic interior style.
Well, what girl in her childhood didn't imagine herself a real princess? And every mother knows - her daughter is a princess through and through. In a delicate light dress or with a slingshot and scraped knees, in any case - a princess! And that means a real princess's room must be fantastically beautiful. For example, decorated in the Shabby Chic style.
The style Shabby Chic literally translates as "worn chic," it appeared in the late 1980s thanks to English designer Rachel Ashwell.
Characteristic features of the style:
1) Authenticity (furniture with an antique effect, furniture covers).
2) Romanticism (light floral patterns, pastel color palette).
3) Decor (angel figurines, rugs, vases with flowers, mirrors in bronze frames, candle holders, carved furniture, handmade items, draped curtains, tablecloths and napkins, boxes and trinket boxes, and other cute knick-knacks).
Color palette of the style: light and delicate tones (beige, white, ivory, peach, light blue, pale pink).
A room in the Shabby Chic style is so airy that it resembles a pastry or creamy cake. Decorating a children's room in such a style promotes the development of your princess's refined, luxurious taste, romantic nature, and creative beginnings. And with our range of finishing materials, the dream of a children's room in the Shabby Chic style will become a reality. 


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