Modern classics in the interior

 Quite often, our clients envision their future apartment adorned in a classical style. But! A modern one! 
 So, let's discuss: "What is modern classic" and "How to present it correctly"? Let's start with the fact that classical styles can vary. The most common classical styles include: Antique, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Versailles, Baroque, Rococo, Victorian style, Classicism, Empire, and Modern. These are strictly defined styles, each with its own "rules" and characteristic features. 
 But what about the modern classic? To which "classic" is it closer, and what are its main differences from the aforementioned styles? 
 In our days, adhering to a specific style is quite a challenging task. However, blending style elements is interesting and fashionable. The modern classic has absorbed the finest aspects of conservative, time-tested styles and innovations of contemporary directions. Key features of modern classic: 
1) Light natural shades (they bring nobility, elegance, and refinement to the interior). 
2) Symmetry (in furniture arrangement, ornaments, and patterns, in everything). 
3) Lavish decor (crystal chandeliers, candleholders, neoclassical chandeliers-candleholders, sculptures, mirrors, molding, columns). 
4) Fireplace (an integral element of modern classical style) and spacious living area. 
5) Combination of natural materials with modern ones (wood and metal, stone and plastic, etc.).
Modern classic preserves the rigor and elegance of all classical directions while combining them with innovative technologies. This approach to interior design is highly practical, contemporary, and allows for a great deal of imagination for both designers and clients. We would be delighted to assist in styling your apartment or home in this manner.