Interior Design

Style Industrial

 Choosing the direction of apartment design in our days is a very challenging task. Numerous styles, a multitude of style combinations. Incredible diversity of shapes, textures, and ornaments. Abundance of decorative and finishing materials. Glossy covers, expert opinions, and designer advice - all of this only complicates the search for an answer to the question: "What do I envision for my future apartment?" 
Perceptions of comfort and coziness vary for everyone. Today, we will talk about a specific modern style for interior design - the Industrial style.
 What should you focus on when choosing this direction for interior design? 
1) Materials - simple and expressive, and most importantly, natural (wood, stone, etc.)
2) Details - exposed wiring, concrete ceilings and floors, plaster, metal elements, bricks, reinforcements, beams.
3) Furniture - soft, not drawing attention to itself (matching the wall color), simple geometric shapes. There shouldn't be too much soft furniture. Shelves, tables, shelves - metal, pipes. The Industrial style is an industrial style, "factory."
4) Main palette - shades of black, white, gray, blue, rusty, and, of course, untreated wood. 
 It seems that all of the above points are characteristics of the popular loft style? But there are nuances to remember and understand. Loft is a softer and more "homely" style. Loft allows you to replace raw concrete flooring with wood, lay a rug or a hide. In contrast to the brutal and "unfinished" concrete floors of the Industrial style. Industrial style includes lights and furniture made from pipes, metal lamps and chandeliers. It is the most "naked" style of interior design, intentionally highlighting everything that is usually attempted to be hidden and played down. It is also worth understanding that in a typical new building of 50 square meters with a ceiling height of 3 meters, you will not have, no matter how much you desire or how you eventually name your completed renovation, the kind of "factory" atmosphere you want. This will be an interior with elements of Loft or Industrial style. As the mentioned styles involve large open spaces and huge windows. However, creating an "atmosphere" with the right design approach is always possible, always necessary, and always interesting!