Interior Design

2018 trends in interior design

Old trends become outdated and remain in the past. They are replaced by new ones, which become a breath of fresh air for the design sphere. What 2018 interior design trends emerged?

1. Maximalism confidently displaces minimalism. Contrasting colors, a mix of different styles in one room, and the opportunity to express one's individuality. The extravagance of this style is truly impressive.

2. The sphere of interior design has undergone a true digital revolution. Now everyone wants to turn their apartment into a place where photos will perfectly fit into an Instagram profile. Home has become an integral part of most people's image.

3. Individuality and uniqueness are what's in fashion now. That's why custom-made items have become more relevant than ever. They can emphasize the creative side of their owner's personality.

4. Furniture with unusual and asymmetrical shapes has become a work of modern art. But it's important not to overdo it. The room should look harmonious.

5. Mirrors of irregular shapes make the interior more dramatic and bold. They also make the room look visually larger.

6. Ecologically clean furniture is becoming popular. This is due to the growing concern of people about the state of the environment.


Our designers are aware of all the latest trends in interior design. At RSU, they will help you make your home fashionable and stylish.