Interior design trends in 2024: expert advice

The best creators at world exhibitions demonstrated commitment to environmental friendliness, technology, and individuality of each element in the house. Modern interior design trends 2024 – a complete revolution of needs, tastes, and fashion. The current trend is about attractive home interior design and creating a functional place for your development and personal growth.

What is interior design? 

First and foremost, fashionable apartment design is the art of optimizing living space to achieve maximum functionality and aesthetics. This concept includes materials, furniture, lighting, decorative, and accent elements. The task of a competent designer is to correctly combine what will be convenient with what will be beautiful.

Why is it important to create an individual and attractive interior style? 

  • Personal Expression. An individually planned interior allows the owner's personality to manifest through the surrounding space, fuel creativity and energy.
  • Increased functionality. Unique design allows even the specific needs and requirements of the owner's lifestyle to be considered. The space becomes comfortable and practical.
  • Improved mood and efficiency. Reflecting the personal traits of the owners through the interior can improve well-being, achieve relaxation, and increase efficiency.

The role of comfort and practicality in interior design 

Comfort and practicality are significant indicators of your home. New interior design trends 2024 suggest improving the life of the inhabitants by combining things and furnishing materials and their arrangement.

Not a practical apartment interior

Practical apartment interior

Cleaning is long and difficult

Maintaining order is easy and fast

Unused space remains

The design is durable and will look good in a few years

The available square meters are inconvenient to use

Universality of all objects, it is convenient for you to use objects and things

Constantly need to replace decorative elements

Each element looks harmonious with the others

No feeling of comfort

There is a feeling of comfort

Interior design trends 2024? 

In 2024, trendy apartment design will support the following trends:

  • Sustainability and eco-friendliness. Emphasis on energy-efficient solutions, recycled materials, and long-lasting use of every element;
  • technology and smart home. Smart homes, automation, smartphones, and voice control are being integrated into eco-friendly interiors;
  • biophilia. Living plants, water, and natural forms are integrated right into the interior;
  • flexible spaces. Multifunctional spaces in the home are easily adaptable to different needs, from an office to a guest room;
  • minimalism with emphasis. Simplicity of lines and shapes is utilized. The trend for the new year is to focus on functionality and give the space character through accents in decor.

With a professional designer, you can combine elements to complement your personality and fit your lifestyle.


Natural colors are integrated into interior design trends with various bright accents. Clay, ochre, terracotta, muted greens, and blues are primary colors. Metallic, copper or gold, orange, and deep red can be accents. Colors are used both in decorative elements and furniture.


The key requirement of design trends is a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Wood, metal, and glass are used as materials. Forms are simple, clean lines with organic and natural shapes. Modular and transformable furniture is on trend. Natural wood tones are used and are highlighted by accent bright elements.


In most cases, modern repairs involve the use of natural wood, untreated and textured. Recycled materials such as glass, metal, or plastic are popular. Interior trends can be finished with natural paint, water-based wallpaper, or recycled carpeting.

What is not in fashion? 

Knowing the fashionable colors in the apartment's interior can not make a mistake. Because the failure will be the following anti-trends, highlighted by designers this year:

  • overdecorating. An excessive amount of decorations and details is actively displaced by minimalism and light functionality;
  • glossy and plastic surfaces. Instead, it is better to use natural, matte, and textured materials;
  • dark and heavy colors. Adding light and airy shades is better to make the apartment light and pleasant.

Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate the combination of elements with a professional designer who can use his knowledge and competently combine all the elements that the apartment owner likes.

Case Study: Trendy Colors and Living Room Furniture 2024

The latest new home interior design trends show the need to combine functionality with decor. It is possible to achieve coziness through soft pastel colors on the walls and natural wooden parquet. Furniture of simple shapes with elements of natural textiles and wood is used. Special attention is paid to lighting, which can be multi-level and volumetric.

Case Study: Bedroom 2024

The new bedroom design trends are a true sanctuary for the occupants to rest and relax from the outside world. The main emphasis is on soft lighting, a bed with a high headboard, and textiles made of natural materials. Relaxing shades will look best: deep blue, soft green, and warm gray. You can include aromatic candles, wall panels, and decorative fountains as decoration.

How to create a relevant and harmonious space in a new apartment in 2024? 

When creating modern interiors, it is necessary to consider many details and plan the combination of different elements of the apartment in current interior design trends. Only in this case, you will be able to feel comfort and coziness inside the house. Therefore, it is best to turn to specialists who:

  • will help to determine the style. It is necessary to choose a suitable direction which will reflect your personal qualities, lifestyle;
  • plan the interior design. Carefully thought out the arrangement of furniture and zoning of space so that every square meter is used effectively and gives benefit;
  • color and light selection. Choose a harmonious color palette and lighting that will change your attitude to comfort. Natural light is optimized with additional light;
  • they will suggest suitable materials and finishes. Choose natural, eco-friendly materials or focus on metal and unusual combinations.

With professional designers ready to carry out reliable technical supervision, you can realize a project of any complexity. That is why we recommend contacting the company RSU, where specialists will help you realize the interior of your dreams.


Now you know 2024 interior design trends and how to recreate your dream of a cozy apartment. To summarize:

  • home design is an important element of everyday life that can energize you and give you peace of mind;
  • the trends of 2024 are eco-friendliness, simplicity, functionality, and usefulness of space;
  • it is better to turn to professional designers to realize turnkey renovation projects and create home comfort.

We recommend you call the phone number or leave a request to contact our experts on the site. We will answer all questions, conduct a consultation, and start discussing your dream interior! 

Do not save on your comfort and feelings – choose professionals and realize your apartment design project right now.