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A little about principles, honesty, or revelation

A Few Words about Principles, Honesty, or "Odesa Revelations"

         Dear friends, we all love Odesa, its markets, and, of course, lively communication with vendors. And it's no secret that everyone will claim to be honest, transparent, and that they have something suitable for you. But what do we really mean by the loud words "HONESTY" and "TRANSPARENCY"? Let's break it down, and since we are a construction company, let's focus on renovation and construction. 

         Let's start with the favorite one - "HONESTY." Nowadays, almost every construction company claims to be the MOST HONEST, referring to their "FIXED" prices. YES! Well, the prices are fixed, but unfortunately, the scope of work and the volume of these works are not. And again, YES! Your renovation cost gradually starts to increase. 
With us, you know the TOTAL cost for the entire renovation at the moment of signing the contract with RSU.

         Moving on to "TRANSPARENCY." And this is the most interesting part. We give you a transparent estimate - you can hear it several times a day. You'll be overwhelmed with these endless "transparent" estimates, most of which you won't be able to verify.
And you'll be transparently taken to various UNINTERESTED stores with tiles, laminate, wallpapers, and they'll tell you about discounts SPECIFICALLY for you.
With us, you'll forget the word "ESTIMATE." The price includes absolutely all finishing materials, the selection of which is vast and presented in ONE place - Our SHOWROOM at 67 Nezhynska Street.
         Remontomaniya by RSU - the perfect solution to all your main problems with apartment renovation. And YES! We are the best in our field in Odesa.