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Choosing wallpaper with RSU

 The process of choosing wallpaper - on the one hand interesting and exciting, on the other hand - there are so many questions, the answers to which we will try to consider.
The very first and main question: "What kind of wallpaper to choose? Paper or vinyl? " 
Let's consider the pros and cons of each of the above types. Paper wallpaper - environmentally friendly and easy to pass air, not expensive, but does not hide the shortcomings of uneven walls, not durable, fading. Well suited for a child's room or bedroom. Vinyl wallpaper, in turn, wear-resistant and durable. Can imitate any texture. Not afraid of moisture and temperature fluctuations. But vinyl wallpaper does not breathe. Ideal for kitchen, living room, hall. 
There are, of course, more liquid wallpaper,  fleece, textile and paintable. But we have considered the two most common and basic types. On the vastness of the Internet you can find pros and cons of any existing wallpaper «RSU»..

. Now let's get to the issues of color, texture, and pattern. So: 1) if the room is small and sources of natural light are weak - choose wallpaper in light colors. With sparse and not a large pattern. It is better to accentuate one wall of the room (color or pattern), and the rest of the walls to leave monotonous, calm.
. 2. In large rooms look good more bright and textured wallpaper with a large pattern 
. 3. In rooms with a low ceiling in no case should not glue wallpaper with horizontal stripes - it visually reduces the room. In this case, vertical stripes - the optimal and rational option. 
4. Southern rooms are better to decorate in cold colors, and the northern rooms on the contrary in warm colors.
5. Do not forget to take into account the rapport of the pattern.
And the most important thing to remember is that a person is unlimited in his choice, do not be repulsed by fashion, but decorate the interior of the apartment as you like. 
Your taste is more important than inspired templates, because it is you who live in this apartment. 
And with Rsu choose wallpaper is very easy, we have in the showroom more than 20 catalogs of European manufacturers, for every taste!

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