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Review of apartment renovation in Rozumovskogo Residential Complex


Construction of houses in Odesa and Kyiv. 

Renovation and design of apartments in Odesa, including decoration
Convenient payments
Apartments for investment at attractive prices

Reconstruction and design of apartments in Odesa and Kyiv!

Favorable payments and investment.

Most real estate for sale at the lowest price!
Without being distracted from your favorite activities!

Construction and renovation of apartments.

 (044) 221 71 71 RSU Kyiv
 (048) 788 71 71 RSU Odesa Reviews of RSU Completed works of RSU

Ready-made apartment renovation from RSU. 

Tel.Odesa 048-788-71-71 
Kyiv 044-221-71-71

Apartment renovation in Odesa and Kyiv by RSU