Room tour

Rum-tour of the apartment, Remontomania format


1. Total Price of Repairs. WITHOUT estimates and surcharges.

2. Absolute transparency. PERSONAL ONLINE CABINET.

3. Profitable investment and installments. 10%-40%-40%-10%. The last 10% is paid in the case if everything is satisfactory!


4. Availability of Showroom. Selection of all materials in one place. 

5. To package solutions - Design project - as a gift! 

Key Repair in Odessa 


RSU - without distracting from your favorite activities. 

Remontomania. Interior design in Odessa and Kiev


Design Project RSU. 


Building of houses in Odessa and Kiev. 


___________________________________________________ .שייפוץ ועיצוב דירות באודסה, כולל איבזור

.תשלומים נוחים

.דירות להשקעה במחירים אטרקטיביים____________________________________________________

Renovation and design of apartments - in Odessa and Kyiv!

Profitable payments and investing.

Best Sale estate for lowest price! 


Without distractions from the things you love to do! 

Construction and Repair of apartments.


(044) 221 71 71 RSU Kiev

(048) 788 71 71 RSU Odessa