Repair of apartments and houses

Transparency of repair works


Budget instead of estimate and personal online client cabinet.

        RSU  has taken the concept of repair transparency to a whole new level. Our responsibility, experience and modern technology allows the client to truly control the entire repair process and literally every step of the repair and construction crew and foreman. Any client who orders a repair in RSU, receives a unique login and password, by which he enters his personal account on our website, and sees there 4 sections: photo reports on the progress of work; online video cameras; project budget and documents; visualizations and drawings. Personal Office adapted to any phone, tablet, laptop. Thus, wherever our client is, he can easily track his repairs.
       Photo reports are updated twice a week. And what is very important, we record hidden works, for example, communications under the drywall. The archive of photo reports very clearly demonstrates the dynamics of work: how it was and how it became. This form of reporting to the client saves him a lot of time, effort and money: there is no need to come to the site regularly, to inspect the progress of work, to conduct audits.

      The second section — Video camera online. We provide camcorders, with the customer only paying for the internet. It is difficult to think of a more effective tool for control: all repairs, all the activities of the craftsmen are under the scrutiny of the customer of the repair.


      The third section — Project budget and documents. We post documents here for approval. As soon as we post a document here, the client receives a notification «A document requiring your approval has been posted in your personal cabinet». Having clicked on the link, he views the document and can accept or reject it. After that, we immediately receive a notification. And the whole history of this process is stored in the client's personal cabinet. Only the client can accept or reject a document, it can be easily traced by IP-address, by «netmask», by hash-tag-file. With online access to the project budget and documentation, we save the client from numerous trips to construction markets, supermarkets and meetings with the foreman.

      It is important to note that we have fundamentally moved away from the form of estimates, and moved to work with the budget. This is a more convenient form of reporting for both the client and us. Estimates — accrual of expenses or income. And budget — is an estimate of expenses and income. The advantage of the budget over the estimate is as follows. Estimate: there is a list of works, there are units of measurement, there are quantities, and rates. As a result, there is a total amount you are asked to pay. You give an advance or the whole amount. But having paid this money, in fact you do not understand how the money moves according to this estimate. Everything in the budget is tied to a cost item. So the client understands what he has paid for, what his money has been spent on. What has been accomplished in volume and what has been accomplished in money. In addition, the client understands the course of payment. After all, we buy some materials for repair in currency, and the budget shows the price and cost in hryvnias, U.S. dollars, euros. The client understands the schedule of financing. The estimate will never show this.

      Fourth folder — is Visualizations and drawings, where all drawings, undergoing acceptance, schemes, pictures and other visualizations are kept. At any moment the client can refer to them, look at them, agree or reject them. Drawings are also necessary so that in the future he can understand where some hidden communications are laid in his apartment.

Client Profile from RSU — it is like your «Bank System» reliable, transparent and stable. With every update, the client receives a notification, no matter what has been updated: photo fixes, drawings, cameras, visualizations.

Customer Cabinet from RSU &dash is like your «Bank system, reliable, transparent and stable.

      To summarize, I would like to note the following. Today, every firm, foreman, promises transparency of repair. However, in fact, it is often reduced only to a stack of checks and painted on a piece of paper estimate of work. We value our reputation and the trust of our customers. And also strive to always keep up with the times. Therefore, we guarantee our customers a really honest, understandable and convenient repair of the highest level.