Repair of apartments and houses

RSU - We don't chase numbers, we choose quality!

 Very often employees of the company RSU have to answer the question « And why such a price? ». People who are not faced with repair on a daily basis, but have heard that a cousin, brother, brother-in-law, a competitor's company or they themselves will do the repair cheaper, begin to doubt our pricing policy.   Is it possible to reduce the cost of repair – of course, of course! Why then for the same amount of work and the amount of materials I pay a hryvnia more expensive? Quite an adequate and logical question, to which we have no less adequate and logical answer.

  1. Our prices are transparent and stable. If we concluded a contract with you «today» and tomorrow the market of building materials went up in price – we will not come to you for extra payment. Everything that is included in the cost of package services Remontomania, according to the concluded contract, will be relevant until the full completion of repair work.
  2. We work only with quality and proven for years manufacturers. Czech sanitary ware, German wallpaper and laminate, Polish tiles… Everything from switches and sockets to the washbasin in the bathroom – qualitative, reliable, durable!
  3. We give a 3 year warranty on all repairs and we are responsible for every step we take. We will not need to search for us through acquaintances, in another city, on another planet. All our contacts and coordinates are on the site, we value our reputation and are responsible for all work done.
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  5. Our prices are dictated by the market, we form our offers based on purchase prices, according to the prices of suppliers, based on the prices of construction teams.
  6. We offer ready-made packages – which save your time  (we will turn bare walls into a cozy apartment, complete with all the necessary «arsenal»).

And, comprehensively, our repair, will still cost less! Yes, we checked! Yes, checked our customers and yes, so yes,  with us is more profitable and interesting!