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Regardless of the choice of materials, the price remains unchanged. Choose your materials from our catalog and send an application to our manager. All related works are already taken into account.

In the presented position we offer:

Laminate underlay and plinth. 

Laminate from class 31 to class 32, with and without chamfer.

MDF plinth in the color of the laminate with a height of no more than 80mm.

In the DCS showroom, you can feel the quality of the laminate by touch.

See and choose the appropriate type in the Repairmania packages.

Review and quality check. 



AGT Effect Premium PRK903
AGT Selge PRK504
AGT Effect Exclusive PRK902-tibet
AGT Effect Exclusive PRK901-toros
AGT Effect Exclusive PRK905-fudji
AGT Effect Exclusive PRK906-pamir
AGT Effect Exclusive PRK908-altaj
AGT Effect Exclusive PRK903-everest
AGT Effect Exclusive PRK904-alpy
AGT Effect Exclusive PRK907-ural
AGT Effect PRK901-toros
AGT Effect PRK902-tibet
AGT Effect PRK903-everest
AGT Effect PRK904-alpy
AGT Effect PRK905-fudji
AGT Effect PRK906-pamir